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"The MASDA course has given me a solid platform from which I can more effectively communicate issues which I feel passionate about. Now I feel more able to positively engage with family, friends, colleagues and members of the public about the issues surrounding sustainable development. I can see things from their point of view as well as my own and put forward a case based on fact rather than a mixture of fact, fiction and media hype. It is refreshing to be able to analyse key issues in depth with people from a wide variety of backgrounds but with the same ultimate goal - a sustainable future. I can't emphasise the value of this course enough; particularly for anyone looking for a career in sustainable development as the opportunities for meeting potential employers are numerous."

TillyMASDA alumni

Case Studies

Kris McGowan

Kris graduated with his M.A. in Sustainable Development Advocacy in June 2005.

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Rachael Durrant

Rachael chose to study for this particular M.A. because the experiential learning approach provided by the course really appealed to her.

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Gabe Cook

Find out how the MA in Sustainable Development Advocacy helped kick start his career

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