Kris McGowan

“I thought that the structure of the course was innovative and had a good practical element. I did not want an overly academic degree, but wanted to open doors into the environmental field, which it certainly did. The four work placements and practical nature of the project thesis worked really well for me. In fact I was offered four jobs over the course of the degree!

The course had a good mixture of personal development, exposure to practicing professionals, academic elements and environmental practice, both good and bad.

The M.A. course provided me with the platform and career change I wanted. Since graduating I have been working for Marches Energy Agency, who provided one of my placements, project support and masterclasses as well as co-ordinating the Live Issues Weeks.

I am now a Project Manager for Marches Energy Agency, designing and delivering climate change and energy training across the UK as well as co-ordinating energy consultancy and community engagement.”